Our round beds have a wonderful thick base (pillow) and overstuffed bolster to give your pet the most comfort available.  When our senior pups get to sleeping alot, we make sure their round beds are available throughout the house. 


Our small and medium round beds are sewn as one piece and our larger 36" round bed is two pieces, a pillow and a bolster.  These beds are covered in decorative cotton fabric that is easily machine washable in your home washer and dryer.  Sewn closed and filled with polyester stuffing in the pillow and bolster to give that extra comfort. 

Round Donut Bed

PriceFrom $78.99
    • Made in America
    • Machine wash cold
    • Dryer safe
  • Small (18" bottom) up to 10 lbs
    Medium (24" bottom) 10 - 25 lbs
    Large (36" bottom) 25 - 75 lbs